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our ultra-concentrated laundry detergent with patent-pending smartclean technology® delivers big cleaning power with just 1/4th the dose of the leading brands. that's 50 loads from one little bottle, suitable for both H.E. and standard machines. plus, it cleans beautifully in any water temperature, even cold.

huh? we'll explain. clean clothes require cleaning agents that are made up of surfactants. surfactants bond to dirt and stains in the wash, lifting them up and washing them away in the rinse cycle.

conventional laundry detergents have surfactants suspended in H20. ours flips that on its head - surfactants outside, H20 inside so a little is all you need - four pumps to be exact.

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a revolutionary detergent calls for revolutionary packaging. our bottle design offers you a better experience with a no-mess, precision-dosing pump that is simple enough for everyone to use and eliminates wasted detergent—not to mention, it's kind of fun. forget fumbling with the drippy cap and hard to read pour lines. four easy pumps is all you need. so if you're one of the 53% of Americans with an overdosing habit, this little pump can help you save on your detergent budget.

and the compact, lightweight bottle fits in one hand (and most purses) so you can lighten your load - particularly handy if you've got a trek to the laundromat or a baby on your hip.

and did we mention how green it is?

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powered by plant-based technology using 95% natural and renewable ingredients, this amazingly ultra-concentrated (we're 8x!*), biodegradable formula reduces the average laundry detergent lifecycle carbon footprint by 35%.*

this innovative formula means that you get extra clean clothes without the harmful stuff that most detergents leave behind, so it's good for the earth and for your family. but we didn't stop there - you can feel confident in knowing that the bottle itself is greener than the leading brands. it's recycled and recyclable and much smaller than other detergent bottles. yep, we fit a lot of goodness into that little guy.

* compared to conventional 1x detergent

* carbon footprint calculated using planet metrics rapid carbon modeling software

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